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Voxar 3D Core

  • Live image captures

  • Orthogonal, oblique, double-oblique MPR rendering

  • Curved and cross-curved MPR rendering

  • MIP, AveIP, MinIP and color volume slabs

  • 2D review and compare


Voxar 3D Advanced

  • Voxar 3D Core, plus...

  • Color volume rendering

  • MIP volume rendering

  • Grayscale volume rendering

  • Shaded surface display

  • Fly-through navigation

  • Targeted color volume review

  • 3D segmentation and volume measurement

  • Sculpting and automatic 3D bone removal

  • MPR shape selection


Voxar 3D clinical applications

  • Vessel analysis with Voxar 3D VesselMetrix

  • Cardiac analysis with Voxar 3D CardiaMetrix

  • CT colonography with Voxar 3D ColonMetrix

  • PET/CT fusion with Voxar 3D PET/CT Fusion

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