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Mach7 Technologies products

UnPAC Your ArchiveConsolidate storage, simplify access, increase data integrity, and heighten security by owning and controlling your images and imaging data with Mach7’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Architectural neutrality helps eliminate the need to maintain disparate, department-specific silos of patient information. Neutrality provides data ownership and flexibility to switch visualization solutions at a lower cost and provides the most advanced diagnostic tools to enhance patient care. Neutrality enables standardization of storage archives and reduces capital investment, IT resource requirements, and imaging management time.

Reduced Storage Carrying Costs – Add storage on demand at tomorrow’s storage costs. No need to purchase five years of storage today.


Easy Migrations – Reduce future PACS transition costs and simplify future PACS migrations and conversions.


Standardized Storage – Resolve proprietary formats enabling standards-based storage and interoperability. Easily cleanse, audit, and consolidate imaging databases from disparate sources.


Lifecycle Management – Control storage growth and liabilities with advanced lifecycle management capabilities that enable hierarchical storage, data integrity, and a reduction of storage requirements.


Security & HIPAA Compliance – Protect health information through a controlled environment with a secure archive and auditing controls.

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