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MedIntegra-Radis RIS


(True Web Based RIS) Features & Specification


  • Complete Web Based Reporting

  • Patient Registration Module

  • Scheduling of patient appointments


  • Easily incorporate existing report templates inworkstation

  • PACS Integration

  • Quick Search based on Patient Name, Patient ID, etc

  • Complete reporting workflow

  • Reporting Roles like Senior or Junior Dr’s & much more can be configured

  • User wise reporting access privilege

  • Stats reads highlighted and automatically takepriority – emergency reporting

  • Complete MIS reporting

  • Email & SMS Alerts (Gateways to be provided  by customer)

  • Customized reporting formats

  • Patient Comments (Search based on Patient comments)

  • Statistical Reports

  • Accounting Package (Invoice Generation)

  • Attach/Scan patient document

  • Print reports with watermarks for unfinalized reports







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