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Bring Patient Care and Imaging Data into Focus

Clinical Viewer is a web-based, zero footprint viewer that enables image viewing on your HIS, EMR, physician portal, patient portal, and mobile device. A solution created for patients and clinicians, Clinical Viewer enables universal access and sharing over the web regardless of the media format. Integrate, train, and deploy a single viewing solution across a user community leveraging numerous platforms and devices.


Zero Footprint – Requiring only a modern web browser, enable access to medical imaging data through zero client side installations and with zero clinical data downloaded to the client, protecting health information.


Universal Access – Provide access to both DICOM and non-DICOM media through a single viewing interface that functions consistently across workstation, personal computer, and mobile device platforms. Simplify training and roll out. Simplify integration to EHRs. Build upon a solution that enables universal access, protects health information, and lowers IT costs.



Functionally Rich – Provide patients and physicians with a feature-rich interface designed to be simple. Remove complexities and challenges with user adoption while still providing the tools required for effective reviews and treatment planning.


Simplified Integration – Integrate clinical viewing through standard web protocols.


Secure Access – Securely view images through the latest encrypted web protocols and role based directory authentication services.


Clinical Viewer provides a centralized web viewer for your active and archived patient images. Images can be accessed from any connected department (radiology, cardiology, dermatology, etc.), site, or mobile device across your enterprise. With simple URL links, your web-based EMR portal activates Clinical Viewer, which displays the image data for the specified patient record on the end-user workstation or web-aware device.

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