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NIL Zero Footprint Viewer


Nil is a pure zero footprint viewer with nothing to install and no restrictions on browser use. Many competing products claim to be zero footprint, but require plugins, specific browser or lack tablet or mobile device support. These limitations diminish the true value of a zero footprint, which decrease cost of ownership by enabling deployment anywhere with minimal IT support.  Many other zero footprint viewers also have extremely basic functionality and severely compromised performance.  By contrast, Nil delivers a fully interactive experience, with functionalities comparable to a dedicated standalone diagnostic workstation, all on a pure zero-footprint platform.


Nil comes in multiple flavors:  NilShare is a simple, intuitive, non-diagnostic viewer and collaboration tool for busy referring physicians. NilRead is a comprehensive diagnostic solution easily deployed anywhere. NilRead supports viewing federated historical patient exams across multiple PACS archives, vendor neutral archives (VNAs) and Health Information Exchanges.  NilRead also supports rules-based hanging protocols for exam viewing according to physician preference and multi-monitor image display. It easily integrates with every DICOM or HL7 network and can be invoked from a RIS or reporting solution.


Claron Technology’s NilRead is a no compromise zero footprint fully interactive diagnostic viewer. It contains all the features of NilShare but it has been extended for advanced imaging functionalities.


Full Fidelity: NilRead supports full fidelity imaging, either permanent or on demand depending on site/user configuration. This allows fluid diagnostic use regardless of the technical limitation imposed by bandwidth and latency.

Device Verification: NilRead support ambient light device verification for mobile devices to assess if the lighting conditions are compatible with a diagnostic read.


Rule Based Hanging Protocols: A full rule-based system allows creating site or user-specific hanging protocols. Use any DICOM tags for the rules and build customized protocols specific for your site, or use one of the many default protocols that cover most common clinical scenarios.


Historical timeline: Display “on demand” a timeline of the relevant priors for a specific patient. The priors can be from any of the multiple DICOM archives or from a remote XDS-I source.


Multi-Monitor: NilRead is the first zero footprint solution to support multi-monitor configurations. The same software can run on a diagnostic reading station configuration and then adapt to a home scenario or a touch enabled tablet device. 


Advanced Protocols:  NilRead supports advanced protocols including PET-CT and PET-MR fusion, and enhanced MR. It also includes segmentation protocols for more advanced 3D analysis visualization.


Comprehensive Measurements: Large set of measurements, including line, area, angular and pixel based measurements.

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